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Project Marcus

Transitioning from a couple to a family of five, we embarked on the journey of transforming these clients' home to suit their evolving needs.


Our first step was to design a welcoming living and bedroom space that exuded warmth and freshness. We used soft yellows and earthy greens to create a harmonious ambiance. As the family grew, so did their requirements, prompting us to rejuvenate the bathroom to cater to the little ones' as well. Embracing the charm of small bathrooms, we seized the opportunity to weave more daring and imaginative narratives into the design. Combining both functionality and whimsy, we designed our bespoke 'Talas’ bathroom cabinet & mirror to maximize space and added a touch of playfulness with custom zellige checkered tiles. Fun bathtimes guaranteed!

Residential project, Amsterdam

Featured in Elle Decoration NL

'One first meeting was enough for Jelena to perfectly understand our style and goals for our home. This made the process super efficient and therefore a big time saver for us. We are very happy with the result.'


Photography: Riet Debruyne

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