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full interior design service
interior project management
full interior design service
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Interior Design

Bespoke Furniture

Art & Unique Object Sourcing

Design Session

In this complete package we guide our clients through every step of the design process, ensuring a unified spatial design. This entails concept development, floorplan drawings, custom furniture design, material and finishes selection, color scheme, electrical and lighting plan, furniture selection, window treatments and purchasing.

When you are in need of a specific furniture piece that is both aesthetically pleasing as functional. From concept to drawings and materialization, we ensure each custom piece reflects your unique style and enhances your living environment.

Art and objects should not be an afterthought but rather the elements that make a room sing. We can help you find the right combinations of art and objects to complement your space.

If you have a specific design challenge or want to bounce ideas off before starting a complete project, a short design consultation of 2 hours is a great way to get started. 

Project Management

In order to save you time and ensure that the design is executed according to plan, we can assist with project management during the renovation. We offer two options: a Full-Service option and a Design Execution option.

The Full-Service option involves coordinating the brief with the client and the contractor, conducting weekly check-ins on site, monitoring the planning process, and ensuring the approved design is implemented.

In the Design Execution option, the client directly communicates with the contractor, while we are available weekly to answer any design or build questions that may arise

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