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Obradov Studio sprouted as an idea by Jelena Obradov in 2017 and blossomed into a full-service interior design studio in 2021. Now rooted in the charming city of Haarlem, The Netherlands, the studio is nestled within ‘De Greiner’, a monumental school building dating from 1903. As you walk up the wide staircase, where light streams through the Mondriaan-like stained glass windows, you arrive at our studio. Here, we've curated a material library brimming with inspiration, offering everything from a wide range of finishes to intricate fabrics. The studio serves as a space for inspiration and collaboration.


At our core, we are creators of spatial wonders, finding joy in tackling intricate floorplans and enriching furniture designs with thoughtful details in order to craft captivating interior stories.

While residential projects dominate our portfolio, we're not afraid to take on the challenges of commercial and hospitality spaces. Don't hesitate to reach out; we're ready to bring practical magic to your project.  

Obradov Studio - Studio Floor LR-44.jpg
ProjectHeemstede ObradovStudiobyGertrudevandenBrink-37.jpg
ProjectHeemstede ObradovStudiobyGertrudevandenBrink-37.jpg
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