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Bespoke Furniture-

Our projects are defined by the bespoke furniture pieces and built-in-cabinetry that we tailor to each space and design concept.

trendy bathroom design
custom bathroom vanity with wave detail

We strongly value craftsmanship with durable high quality materials and finishes. Together with a network of craftspeople we take pride in delivering not just practical pieces, but unique pieces that will elevate each space.

Whether you are looking for a custom kitchen, smart bathroom cabinet, a statement bookshelf, or a unique bench, we are committed to creating pieces that are functional yet always a bit out of the ordinary.

''Craftsmanship is at the heart

of our design''

bespoke kitchen design natural materials
bespoke corner bench design
bespoke cabinets design
product design Butter knife

Once in a while we also make time to work with craftspeople to create our own handmade products, like a butterknife made of local wood and the Talas cabinet handles above.

ProjectHeemstede ObradovStudiobyGertrudevandenBrink-37.jpg
ProjectHeemstede ObradovStudiobyGertrudevandenBrink-37.jpg
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