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Project Stork

After a few years in a new build house, this family yearned for the warmth and character that older houses exude.

Garden windows and interior doors were replaced with sleek glass counterparts, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Carefully chosen materials and furnishings imparted a touch of elegance to the interiors. The fireplace underwent a transformation, adorned with verdant green tiles to serve as a captivating focal point. Similarly, the glossy light kitchen received a dose of personality with slender kitkat tiles. Luxurious materials such as Patagonia quartzite, travertine, leather, walnut, and shearling were introduced to infuse elegance and coziness into the home.

It now stands as a welcoming haven for a family of four and their beloved dog, Charlie.

Residential project, Heemstede 

Photography: Gertrude van den Brink

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