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Project RBS

For a young family with French and Moroccan roots, we firstly gave concrete words to their wishes that led to the following description.

The practical wish: Design a layout where the kitchen serves as a central gathering space, without the traditional appearance of a kitchen.

The aesthetic wish: Nods to Marrakech & Paris.

The mental wish: To leave the day behind as soon as you walk through the door.

The result: We connected the kitchen with the rest of the space by letting the kitchen island slip into the living area. The island was designed not to look like a cooking block but rather a chest of drawers with smaller drawers and an open nook for cooking books, becoming a focal point of both function and beauty.

Mouldings were added to fit the style of old Amsterdam and Parisian apartments, and soft-colored walls became the backdrop to an eclectic mix of materials: mottocino stone, terracotta lamps, a metal mosaic backsplash, oak wood, natural stone table, alabaster lights, and a Moroccan wool rug.

As a result creating an eclectic inviting home, and a perfect place to kick off your shoes and leave the day behind.

Residential project, Amsterdam

Photography: Studio Aest

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